A Fresh Start

Hi! For those who are new to this blog, my name is Ken, I’m Japanese-Guatemalan, and I’m an incoming freshman at The George Washington University who recently graduated from United World College East Africa, Tanzania. 

Now, for those returning to my website, I’m here to remind you that we all make huge mistakes in life. 

Mine was signing up to have my previous website hosted by Wix. When I started my blog with Wix, I genuinely thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t that expensive, and I could have my own custom website with my very own domain: kenbaeza.com. However, one year later, I got an invoice from Wix - they were charging me an insane amount of money to host my blog for one more year. I felt stupid… if I had checked how much the fees would be increased by after the first year, I could have avoided this catastrophe.

Don’t get me wrong - I think Wix was amazing, it really allowed me to customize my website, it gave me creative control over it. However, I still believe the price is unjustified. Thus, I have decided to move my blog to Blogger (it’s free!), keeping only the previous domain. Sure, I will miss having the many customization options, but if you’re here, I’m almost sure you’re here to listen to what I have to say rather than to witness my unmatchable designing skills. 

As you might notice, the previous blog entries are not available to read in this new blog, so in the next weeks I’ll be reposting a couple of the most meaningful ones, while also adding new ones for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

If you want to reach out, feel free to send me an email at kibo112002@gmail.com

Thanks for reading the update, and stay tuned for future entries!