Dining in DC: Abunai Poke

With orientation just around the corner, I decided to dedicate my first week at Washington, D.C. to explore restaurants around campus and review them. The first restaurant I bring to you is Abunai Poke. Abunai Poke describes itself as a Hawaiian restaurant that serves food prepared with “fresh, sustainable, and organic ingredients”. It was founded back in 2016, and it started as a food truck; today, it has two brick and mortar locations: one in Old Town, Philadelphia, and the other one in Washington, D.C.

Prices can range from $7.00 to $17.00, and drinks cost $2.50 in average. However, if you plan to have some hand rolls, you will easily end up paying way more than that (each hand roll costs around $4.00). Price-wise, I would say Abunai is very college student-friendly. Service is fairly good too - Abunai employees are very kind (usually they are GW students), but be prepared to wait for your food a good while if there are more than 2 people ahead of you in the line. 

The one thing I was not satisfied with is the dining space. Because of Covid-19, tables have been stored, meaning you can only sit in a long table facing the window. This is great if you visit Abunai alone; however, if you plan to come with friends, it might not be the best experience, for you’ll have to sit with them side-by-side (unless the restaurant is empty, in which case they will allow you to use a small table). 

But leaving all of these things aside, let’s get to the important thing: the food. I ordered the Shrimp Poke, which is basically a salad with wasabi rice, and shrimp. Most bowls at Abunai have similar ingredients, with the seafood being the only changing element. As a seafood lover and former vegetarian, I must say the food was amazing. I think the best thing is the wasabi rice, which gives it a slightly spicy and bitter taste; but be careful, for it might be a little too hot for some. Now, I have no experience whatsoever reviewing food, so take my words as a grain of salt - but overall, I think Abunai Poke offers some very tasty and unique food for a very good price. 

Image source: Washingtonian


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