Dining at DC: GRK Fresh Greek

Today I had the opportunity to try “Greek” food for the first time ever. I say “Greek” because I know that in the same way Italians don’t consider Pizza Hut to be pizza, Greeks will question the authenticity of the “Greek” food served by GRK Fresh Greek. But leaving this debate aside, I’m here to share with you my opinion about the food.

GRK Fresh Greek is a restaurant that promotes itself as a place offering a “new take on classic Greek food”. GRK opened back in 2009, and it has locations in New York, Dubai, and Washington, D.C. The main food offered at GRK is “yeero”, which, if grossly-simplified, can be described as being very similar to a taco or a wrap. Prices range from $8.69 to $11.94 for the yeeros, and the sides cost less than $5.00.

While I would love to visit GRK’s brick and mortar location in Foggy Bottom, this time I got it delivered to my dorm, so I won’t be reviewing their physical space - today’s blog will be all about the food. 

Let’s start with what I didn’t like. I ordered a chicken “yeero on a pita”. I found two things annoying from this yeero: the first one was that it was hard to eat… when you buy a wrap, you would expect all the stuff that goes inside it to be FULLY WRAPPED so that it doesn’t fall or leave your hands greasy, right? Well, when I unwrapped my yeero, the chicken was hanging from it because it was poorly wrapped. I usually wouldn’t mind, but this time it bothered me because the chicken was covered in a sauce that was really oily, leaving my hands oily too… Now, regarding the flavor of the yeero, I don’t really know what those are supposed to taste like but I must say it was a bit too salty for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was still edible, but I found myself reaching out for my water bottle multiple times.

Even though I was not a huge fan of the yeero itself, there is one thing from GRK that I actually love. I’m talking about their GRK fries. I don’t know what’s so special about those fries, but I think they are almost as good as Five Guys’ legendary fries. Sure, they were a bit cold by the time they got to my dorm, but they had an amazing texture and the taste was just the perfect balance between salt and spices. If I had to compare them to other fries, I think they could be described as a combination between McDonald’s potato wedges and Five Guys’ fries… in other words, they are delicious!

In conclusion, while I cannot recommend GRK’s yeeros, I strongly believe that trying their fries is a must. Of course, I’m sure that some people will find the yeeros to be very tasty (I mean there is a reason many people give the restaurant 5 stars in Yelp), so as always, take my word as a grain of salt. 

Until next time, stay safe.


Image source: Aplez


  1. I guess it won't be on the top of my want to try list...


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