Dining in DC: DC Pizza


Trigger warning for Italians: this entry features content that Italians may find disturbing.

There are a lot of restaurants serving pizza in DC, so finding the ultimate pizza place is certainly going to be a challenge. The first place I tried was DC Pizza, which is located a few blocks away from Foggy Bottom. DC Pizza is described as a “cool, modern storefront where diners customize their pies” - from my perspective, it is simply a small pizza shop that stands out for its efficient system to serve customers. 

When you enter to the restaurant, the first thing you get is a checklist where you select what you want on your pizza. You then hand in the list and wait until your order is ready - which is usually less than 5 minutes. What I liked about the workers was that they could speak Spanish, which made it easier for me to order; however, I could notice that there were some English-speaking customers who were having some communication problems with them. I wouldn’t say it’s a dealbreaker because it barely causes any delay, but it’s an inconvenience you might want to keep in mind.

Regarding the food, I would say the pizza is very average (I know that some Italians won’t even consider this pizza worthy enough to be called “pizza”). Nothing special about it - the only thing I found annoying was that it was a bit too salty (skip the bacon and ham). Nevertheless, if you choose your toppings carefully, you’ll be able to get a good amount of food for a reasonable price. The cheapest pizza (Cheese Pizza with no toppings) is $7.69, and the most expensive one (four topping pizza) goes for $10.25. 

In conclusion, I didn’t feel DC Pizza was anywhere close to being an extraordinary place to eat. I would only recommend it to those who are craving pizza and are impatient (though I have no idea how quick their deliveries are). 

Image source: DC Pizza Online