Re-introducing Myself

Previous readers of my blog might remember there was an “about me” section on the other website; while I figure out how to add additional sections in blogger, I’ll use this entry to re-introduce myself.

My name is Ken, I’m 18 years old, and I’m Japanese-Guatemalan. I studied the International Baccalaureate at United World College East Africa, in Moshi, Tanzania. Now, I’m heading to The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. 

While my dream for the last couple of years has been to one day become a lawyer and work in compliance, during these last couple of months, I’ve had the chance to do a lot of thinking, and I’ve concluded that even though I’m still interested in law, for now, my dream is to become an investment banker in Wall Street. Thus, I’ll be studying Finance and Economics at GW. Sure, law and investment banking are not very similar (and from some perspectives, they are even opposites), but the reality is that jobs in compliance tend to require a lot of experience (and a Master’s degree or PhD), making it hard for recent graduates to secure a job in this field. 

Professional interests aside, I also have a wide range of hobbies. I’d say that for now, my favorite ones are touch-typing, solving the Rubik’s Cube, playing the piano, creating random graphic designs, taking pictures with a DSLR, unlocking video game achievements, and traveling all over the world. I am also trying to learn how to write Japanese kanji, and how to speak Dutch and Portuguese. Lastly, I also enjoy listening to music (Coldplay, Aimyon, Enya, Sam Phillips, Chopin, Gaby Moreno, etc.), watching films (my favorite ones are Star Wars I-VI, The Dark Knight Trilogy, A Beautiful Mind, The Manchurian Candidate, Big Fish, and almost all Spielberg movies), and reading books (El Señor Presidente by Miguel Ángel Asturias, Disgrace by J. Maxwell Coetzee, and María by Jorge Isaacs are my personal favorites). 

Finally, I’d like to add that the purpose of this blog is for me to share my opinions, thoughts, and some meaningful life experiences that might be insightful and maybe even helpful to those who read it. You can always reach out through my email:

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog, and stay tuned for more!



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