Bucket list:

1. Get accepted at UWC: (DONE) after a very long and difficult, but enjoyable selection process that lasted almost half a year, I was selected by the Guatemalan National Committee to attend UWC, becoming part of the first UWC generation of the newest school of this movement: UWC East Africa.


2.Get accepted at the American School of Guatemala's Advanced Baccalaureate Program (PBA): (DONE) the Programa de Bachillerato Avanzado (PBA) of the American School of Guatemala is the most prestigious scholarship in Guatemala. When I was in 4th grade, I learned about this scholarship in a newspaper banner. Since that moment, my dream was to be selected for that scholarship; every year 25 students are chosen to be part of the program. In 2018, my dream finally became true, I was accepted to be part of the last generation of PBA (from 2019 and onwards, the program was changed, now it's called Young Scholars Academy).

3. Graduate from UWC


4.Get more than 40 points in IB


5. Get accepted at an Ivy League University or to Cambridge/Oxford


6. Get my Juris Doctor


7. Become a lawyer


8. Work for the UN


9. Write a book: (DONE) in 2018, I wrote my first book. I wrote it in Spanish, and the title of the book is 15 Años: No Siempre Significa Celebración (15 Years: Doens't Always Mean Celebration); the book is about the tragic story of a 14-year old girl that is about to turn 15, but her life is at risk, for she has a mysterious disease in her heart. I honestly never thought I was going to write a drama book, so I was surprised when I finished writing it. Before writing 15 Years, I had attempted to write sci-fi books and mystery books, but I failed miserably, so that's why I attempted to write something a bit different. 


10. Publish one of my novels


11.Make my own sci-fi TV Series


12. Go to a summer camp


13. Travel on an airplane: (DONE) I traveled on an airplane when I was 1 year old, from Japan to Guatemala.

14. Travel to all continents:


15. Travel alone: (DONE) I traveled alone for the first time in August of 2019, going from Amsterdam to Moshi, Tanzania by myself. It was a really exciting experience, but there wasn't much time to reach the gate, so I felt under pressure the whole time. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. 


16. Make a documentary of African Culture


17. Write an article for The Verge 

18. Write an article for the New York Times

19. Type more than a 100 words per minute: (DONE) in Guatemala, most schools require their students to reach a minumum of 40 words per minute when typing on a computer. I consider myself a very competitive person, so I set a goal to be able to type a 100 words per minute. In 2018, I was able to type 100 wpm for the first time. I learned how to type fast by using Typing Master (available only for Wndows), and by practicing in 10fastfingers.com

20. Type more than 150 words per minute

21. Type 200 words per minute

22. Visit the main filming locations of Star Wars: (PARTIALLY DONE) Tunisia desert, Sevilla in Spain, Tikal in Guatemala, the Californian Woods, and Iceland: I love Star Wars, as you can tell by now, it is my favorite saga of all time. I've always wanted to visit all the filming location, to know how it feels to be in the desert of Tatooine, the palace of Naboo, the Rebel Base in Yavin, or the Forest Moon of Endor. In 2018, I went to Tikal for the first time. It was a 9 hour drive from Guatemala City to Tikal, Petén. I must say that it was amazing, the view of the temples made me remeber the Rebel Base of Yavin, and I could imagine myself looking at the horizon, waiting for the Death Star to rise. I still have many filming locations pending, and I hope that in the next years I can visit more of them.

23. Visit 221B Baker Street, in London.

24, Make an Interviews TV Series

25, Learn to play the piano: (DONE) my mom used to be a piano teacher, so she taught me the basics when I was in 1st grade. I would practice a couple of hours every day, but then I started to feel that it was an obligation, rather than something that I enjoyed. I decided to quit practicing piano. A couple of years later, in 2016, I became interested in learning to play the piano again, and I was able to teach myself how to read the piano sheets, and how to play almost any song by looking at them. I have won several awards in music competitions at schools, playing songs that range from classical pieces of Mozart to more modern songs of Coldplay.

26. Learn to play the violin

27. Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube: (DONE) I had always wondered how people were able to solve the Rubik's Cube. In 2015, the Rubik's cube became popular in my school, so I decided to learn how to solve it. It took me quite a while, but the satisfaction that I felt when I first solved it was unexplainable. 

28. Solve the Rubik's cube in less than 15 seconds: (DONE) two years after learning how to solve the cube, I became obsessed with it. I would walk around the school carrying my cube in my hands. After practicing for hours everyday, I was able to solve the Rubik's cube in 11 seconds (this was in 2017). Now, I don't have time to practice that much, so my average has dropped to 22 seconds.


29. Solve the Rubik's cube in less than 10 seconds


30. Compose a song: (DONE) in my English class, we had an assignment to re-write the lyrics of a song. I didn't like the idea of using a melody that someone had already created, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally compose a song myself - of course, I asked permission to the teacher before twisting the instructions of that assignment. I sat down for hours infront of the piano, and after trying thousands of different combinations, I was able to compose my first piano melody: Rember Paradise. 

31,Write a poetry book


32. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

33. Do scuba diving

34. Open a coffee shop

35. Go to a summer course

36. Open an art gallery

37. Make a movie

38. Start a school magazine: (DONE) on January 29 of 2020, I published the first issue of the UWC East Africa Student Magazine. 

39. Go to a Coldplay concert

40. Go to university in the Netherlands

41. Participate in MUN: (DONE) on February of 2020, I went for a week to Nairobi to represent UWC East Africa in the East African Model United Nations Conference of 2020. I was the delegate of Austria, and while I wasn't lucky enough to get an award, I had the chance to speak in the podium multiple times, in the Human Rights Committee, which was a very exciting and memorable experience.