• Ken Baeza

UWC East Africa Student Magazine

When I arrived to UWC East Africa, I was surprised to see that there was no school newspaper, and the school magazine "ISM SUMMIT" was published only once a year.

I had wanted to start a weekly (or at least monthly) student magazine for a long time, but I didn't feel very inspired to do it. I had a lot of work (again, IB is no joke), and the amount of activities that I had throughout the day simply didn't allow me to work on this project.

During the winter break, I had time to reflect on my first couple of months at UWCEA, and I realized that I really wanted to contribute something tangible to the community. I knew I had to work on the magazine. I started working on the magazine, and now, after weeks of hard work, I finally published the first issue.

My goal is for the magazine to be *THE* UWC East Africa official magazine, but as for now, I want this project to be a way in which the student community at this school can feel closer and more connected.

Click here to check the magazine!