• Ken Baeza

UWC East Africa Student Magazine: A Huge Success (Update)

As you might remember, one of the first things that I shared in this blog was that I decided to start the UWC East Africa Student Magazine, a platform where students could express themselves, sharing about their interests and communicating their concerns with others.

As I mentioned in that post, my goal was for the magazine to become *THE* UWC East Africa officila magazine. Since then, I have discovered that the school already has an "official" magazine that is published once a year (the ISM Summit magazine). However, this didn't stop me from publishing a monthly issue of the Student Magazine. Every issue has been received warmly by the UWCEA community, which has made me really happy, for the effort of the contributors and my own effort have shown positive results.

But the latest issue was a bit different from the others. I took one year of Digital Art and Design at my previous school (the American School of Guatemala), and I shared the first couple of issues with my Digital Art teacher. He gave me some very useful feedback, and for the fourth issue, I completely redesigned the entire magazine: I included a letter from the editor, I used new colors and borders, I added new sections, and even changed the style of the cover. It was a very big change, and I was very pleased with the results.

I shared the fourth issue of the UWC East Africa Student Magazine with the whole UWC East Africa Community, including those who are part of the other campus (the Arusha Campus), for the magazine includes articles from both campuses. The magazine was a huge success, everyone seemed to love the new design, and the articles that were published also helped to engage the readers. The director of the school shared it to the entire Arusha Campus community (whose emails I didn't have), allowing the magazine to reach to many more hands. Additionally, all four issues are being featured in the UWCEA official website: https://www.uwcea.org/news/moshi-news/

When I was finally getting over the excitement caused by the success of the 4th issue, I received an email from the director who told me that she had shared the magazine with other UWC heads, and they had all loved it too. But the biggest surprise came a couple of days after the release. I was working on a Literature essay when suddenly my mom sent me a screenshot that I will never forget: it was a screenshot of the UWC International Office's latest Instagram Story. The UWC International Office was promoting my magazine to the entire UWC community! I could believe it, I was speechless. I felt so grateful with my director (who was the one who shared the magazine with the IO), the UWCEA community, and all the students who submitted articles for this issue.

While I still can't say that the UWC East Africa Student Magazine is *THE* official UWCEA Magazine, I can definitely say that the huge success of the 4th issue has definitely taken me a step closer to achieving my goal, while also motivating me to keep investing my time and effort to make this magazine something that can connect the UWCEA community tighter together.

You can read the latest issue here: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63423061/uwc-east-africa-magazine-issue-4

A huge thanks to every single person who was part of the latest issue!

As always, stay safe

, and stay home

Ken B.